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ENGAGEMENTS - 20 august 2022

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When Sonia and Zach reached out asking to shoot an Old Town Alexandria engagement shoot, there was no way I could say no. As we met at the Old Town waterfront near Chadwick’s, I already knew we were going to get along great. All of that was confirmed to me the moment they mentioned they were from the Bay Area, just like I was, and had just moved to the DMV area!


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Working with Allie and Carter just made it all the better. Between their adorable dog, the stunning sunset, and the way their love was obvious to anyone and everyone around them, I could not have had a better time.


From going through the light-up walkway a few times to get that perfect shot, to wandering around the West Gallery to find their favorite era of paintings, I could not be more grateful that this was my first opportunity to shoot engagement photos. Anna & Ryan, I’m wishing you all the best for your wedding and beyond!

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