Hey there, I'm Riya


You know, the girl who aims to feel like your friend on top of being your photographer. When we work together, I have one mission: to capture all the authentic joy and excitement that you experience while making these memories. 

We don't try to make magic here. Why would we? Reality is already more stunning.

Back to the beginning

My journey into photography mimics almost every other aspect of my life: messy, chaotic, and absolutely worth it.

In the middle of the ninth grade, I had to bring in a camera for a school project. I brought it in the next day. And the day after. And pretty much the rest of my time in high school, shooting everything from senior portraits to prom photos to working as the official photographer for my local theatre.

Today, I'm a California girl entering my final year at Oxford University studying Politics & Economics. On weekdays, I attend classes and lectures; on weekends, I'm out shooting couples, portraits, and events.

Art has always been a part of who I am. If I'm not behind a camera, I'm behind a piano instead. I also know what it's like to feel different or awkward. That's why I love photography: that every person has a story that should be shared; more importantly, it allows me to share those stories.

I've seen how life takes you in a million different directions, and that's why I make time to capture all of those moments. There's a reason I always say I'm here to show your moments in their best light-in your darkest times, those memories are what illuminates the path forward.


I love...

I am...

I will always...

a true-to-life photographer

a hopeless romantic

lgbtq+ affirming

a college student

a huge taylor swift fan

candid moments

adventure elopements

natural light

capturing memories

writing music

be inclusive

want to explore

become your friend

shoot in manual

continue creating


Own the awkwardness


can-do for candids


no moment is meaningless

Let's face it-unless you're an international supermodel, it's hard to feel comfortable in front of the camera. The awkward feeling is a part of you: own it! We'll work together to help you feel natural as you get some gorgeous shots.

If you hadn't noticed yet, I'm probably the biggest fan of candid photos out there. Photography captures memories; when pictures are taken in the moment, they capture your actual happiness and for years to come.

Sometimes, the moments you least expect to be remarkable end up being the photos you love the most. Never discount the small stuff: the terrible dad jokes, fixing each other's clothes, the subtle looks. They're all details in your story.

My approach

making your special moments about you, not the camera

It's a match!

my clients are bold and authentic. They're people who laugh loudly, live passionately, and dream big.

I know we'll get along if:

You've got an intense curiosity that constantly makes you want to learn more about the people and world around you.

You appreciate capturing memories exactly the way they were: in all of their chaos, mess, and glory.

You've got strange, terrible, laugh out loud inside jokes with the people you love (and you're always ready to make more).

You're a colorful personality that loves mixing conventional traditions with unconventional add-ons.

Whether you like to be the center of attention or a spectator in the back, you're not afraid to use your voice when you need to.

We're totally a fit →

Frequently asked questions

if your question or concern isn't answered here, please fill out the contact form or shoot me an email at hello@riyakphoto.com

Not at all! My specialty is helping people feel comfortable during a photoshoot. I completely understand what it's like to feel awkward in front of a camera. Before the shoot, I'll be your guide to any questions like what to wear or if you need to prepare in any special way (spoiler alert: do whatever feels natural!). During our time together, I'll be there to help you with posing, prompts, and making you feel comfortable. I'll make sure you never have to stand in stiff, unnatural poses. After all, the goal is to capture authentic moments that feel relaxed and rooted in reality. 

While my background is from basically every direction of photography from events to concerts to portraits to couples, I am first and foremost a luxury adventure elopement photographer. This means traveling far and wide to beautiful locations to capture couples in love. My work has taken me everywhere from coast to coast in the United States, to Scotland and Switzerland, to Turkey. I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings, so if that's your vibe, reach out! If you're looking for concert or events photography, check out Kataria Media.

Nope. I don't believe in adding on costs at the end. Unless it's for a mini session, the session fee is the only fee you have to pay. It includes the shooting time and the edited photos from the session.

Your photos will be sent through a secure link where you can access high-quality downloads and order prints. The timeframe will be in the contract, but usually, sneak peeks are provided at 3 weeks and the final gallery in 6 weeks.

Yes! As someone who splits her time between two halves of the world, I'm no stranger to traveling. Plus I always love a great adventure elopement. If it's in one of my dream locations, I'll completely waive travel!

If there's anything the past few years have taught us, it's that life takes everyone in different directions. If you want to work with me, but have a tight budget, reach out, and we can chat more. I'm more than happy to chat about options such as payment plans or custom packages that fit your needs while allowing me to continue maintaining my business. Feel free to send a message here or an email to hello@riyakphoto.com.

Yes you can! If you want to add extra hours or inquire about a service that is not detailed in your package-such as extra locations or combining multiple sessions together-simply mention it during our introductory chat or email, and we can work from there.

Glad to hear that! You can find out more about the process on my Bookings page, but to summarize: first, we'll have a chat to make sure I can meet your requirements and that we're a good match. From there, I'll send you a summary email to confirm details like date, location, and add-ons. Shortly after, you'll receive a contract detailing policies for the shoot and photos. You'll need to sign the contract and provide a nonrefundable deposit to secure your date. After that, it's only a matter of time before we have our shoot and you get to see your photos!

Please do! You will retain full rights to use the photos online for non-commercial purposes. Your session also comes with a personal print release, allowing you to print your photos for personal use. You can purchase prints directly from the gallery link I send you. More details will be available in your contract.

Are we meant to be?

Are you a fan of my candid, authentic photo style that looks for personality, not perfection? Looking forward to the adventures and the photos to prove it? If you're down to make sure you capture your memories in a no-pressure, high-quality environment, then I'm down.

Lots of laughs. Unforgettable moments. Forever memories. Let's do this.

i was born ready →