Raise your hand if you've found the love of your life

Listen. I grew up on Bollywood movies, alongside the quintessential American rom-coms. There's no way you can be a fan of those if you don't love, well, love.

And if there's one thing I enjoy more than a good love story, it's being given the opportunity to capture one.

Your love story is unique. It's got its own twists and turns, big gestures, small moments. You can't use a one-size-fits-all approach to a relationship-especially in photography.

When it comes to working with you and your partner, whether it's a grand wedding, quiet elopement, engagement shoot, or just a fun session to show how much you love each other, I'll make sure that your photos are true to who you are.

So here's a toast to you two. To the journey. And to all the moments you've had, and all the memories you'll make.

Raise your hand if you've found the love of your life

Your love is the adventure, and I’m just tagging along to capture it. My approach to photography is to combine out-of-this-world snapshots with down-to-earth moments—to create a visual story that is both adventurous and authentic.

I believe that the real beauty of love lies in the intimacy and spontaneity of the smallest gestures, and I’m here to capture those moments as they happen.

I’m here to make sure that you get incredible shots without compromising personality or quality. I like to think of myself not just as a photographer, but as a storyteller.

No matter your background, who you love, or how you got here, I believe that your love story deserves to be captured—and that too, in a way that is true to who you are.

Let’s work together to capture the adventure of your love story, and make sure that the moments match the memories.

Some personal favorites...

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You've counted down the days, we've had a chat, and made a schedule. Now, it's the day of your shoot! Time to relax and just have some fun without worrying about getting the "right" shots. I'll make sure that everything goes according to our chats. The only thing you have to do is enjoy! 

Sign the contract, put down the deposit, and we'll be all good to go! I'll also ask you to fill out a quick get-to-know-you questionnaire, and we'll have one final call before your special day to iron out any last details. Throughout all this, I'll be just one email away if you have any questions.

You'll receive some preview photos within 48 hours, and the rest of the photos in the agreed upon timeframe. From there, get your favorites out into the world. Hang them up on your walls, show them to everyone, and make sure to tag @riyakphoto when you post them!

The first thing we'll do is schedule a phone or video call to make sure our personalities mesh well, learn your expectations, and confirm that I can provide what you're looking for. If we're a fit, I'll help you choose a package and payment plan that works with your specific requirements. 

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How do bookings work?

how we tell your love story in your words

Are we meant to be?

Are you a fan of my candid, authentic photo style that looks for personality, not perfection? Looking forward to the adventures and the photos to prove it? If you're down to make sure you capture your memories in a no-pressure, high-quality environment, then I'm down.

Lots of laughs. Unforgettable moments. Forever memories. Let's do this.

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