A Washington D.C. National Gallery of Art Engagement | Ryan & Anna



Though I’m so proud of how these National Gallery of Art engagement photos turned out, I have a confession to make: Anna & Ryan were the first couple I’ve ever worked with.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve taken photos for my parents at Capitola Beach. I’ve captured couples kissing at parties and events. But this was my very first time working on a session that was specifically meant to showcase a couple in all their glory. After I decided I wanted to work a lot with engagements and weddings, I put out a call on Facebook. Anna responded, and the rest was history. We decided on the  National Gallery of Art for their engagement photos because, let’s be real, D.C.’s heatwave was just unbearable.

I’ll have to admit, I was nervous about the photos. But within the first few minutes, I knew that we were a great fit. I loved seeing the way that the two interacted with each other as they told me about how they met in their college classes and their plans for the future. It was easy making conversation with them, and I deeply enjoyed visiting this gorgeous location for the first time with my cameras in hand.

It’ll be hard to forget working at the National Gallery of Art. The location itself is lovely. After the shoot, I decided to make my way down to the area between the West and East wings to grab some excellent gelato and watch the waterfall cascade from the fountain outside. If you’re ever in the mood for an idyllic spot to study, peruse art, or-shockingly-take your engagement photos, the National Gallery of Art is the place. Not only is the light up walkway pretty unforgettable, but more importantly, the tour guide who did an incredible Barack Obama impression for us was one of the highlights of my day.

From going through the light-up walkway a few times to get that perfect shot, to wandering around the West Gallery to find their favorite era of paintings, I could not be more grateful that this was my first opportunity to shoot engagement photos. Anna & Ryan, I’m wishing you all the best for your wedding and beyond!

Two people hold hands facing each other, with hundreds of LED lights twinkling behind them from the National Gallery of Art walkway
A man and woman sit at the edge of a fountain, surrounded by leaves
A man and a woman hug each other in front of artistic glass pyramids at the National Gallery of Art
A woman whispers in a man's ear, who makes a joking shocked face. They are illuminated by string lights in the back
A woman and man hold hands, showing off the woman's engagement ring
A man holds a woman in a classic dip. The photo is framed through circular modern art sculptures
Black and white photo shows a woman looking up at a man, as they both stand in front of artistic glass pyramids at the National Gallery of Art
The silhouette of a man and woman, backlit by dozens of LED lights
A man and a woman sit at the edge of a fountain, kissing, surrounded by plants
A photo taken from afar of a man and a woman kissing on the National Gallery of Art staircase, surrounded by white marble

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