Navy Yard Washington D.C. Sunset Engagement | Allie & Carter



Working on Washington DC engagement photography this summer allowed me to explore a million different places, but Navy Yard might be my favorite. And working with Allie and Carter just made it all the better. Between their adorable dog, the stunning sunset, and the way their love was obvious to anyone and everyone around them, I could not have had a better time.

To start off the shoot, I met Allie and Carter next to Ice Cream Jubilee (which was excellent, by the way; one day, I’ll write an entire blog post about my ice cream review account). I also met possibly the cutest dog in the world: their dog, Remy. While he had technically outgrown being a puppy by now, you could tell that he didn’t quite get the memo yet, which made him even more cute.

Navy Yard had so much to offer just in the immediate vicinity. The waterfront was gorgeous, with the sunset reflecting off the ocean and the bridge in the background adding even more views to the already-picturesque location. The place takes the “Navy” part of its name quite seriously-there were boats almost everywhere! We walked along the dock and grabbed some shots wherever we could, making sure to keep Remy entertained (it wasn’t hard; almost everything was exciting to him).

Navy Yard was lovely-while I had done some Washington DC engagement photography at the National Gallery of Art, this was the first place that really felt like I could come to multiple times in the future, whether it was for a stroll or some amazing ice cream. I ended up doing so, and I’m so glad I shot here in the first place. Fun fact: our original plan was to shoot in Virginia, but after some car trouble, we decided on a place that was metro accessible-and I’m so glad this was the one!

DC engagement photography was the gift that kept on giving this summer, and Allie and Carter’s shoot helped make it that way. Allie and Carter, I’m wishing you the best for your marriage and beyond!

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